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the effort of a large cyst to accommodate its convex surface to the

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B. anthraci^, so as to acquire purely saprophytic habits.

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It is unnecessary to enter into a full description of the changes

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nearly all such cases, show extensive arterio-sclerosis,

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^ Stretches the yielding skin, and thus conceals the ravages of time, the results of diminishing

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Cholera : Its Causes, Symptoms, Pathology and Treatment, by Robt. S. Bar-

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The mitral leaflets (MV) no longer are prolapsing into the left

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Whitford, James, Onondaga Valley, Onondaga Co. Original.

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The goo'd anesthetist is not the one who can use the largest amount

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but this differentiation is not well marked, and in Addison's disease

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led side of the neck. The left internal jugular vein was

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rial, tubes may be made of cotton or linen, dipped into

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Colorado an invalid, the effects of high altitudes in

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I am not aware that any other specimens have been collected

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contents falling towards the upi^r part of the abdomen. Hence

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the morbid action. It is rare to find the inflammation at its height at

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UCSF at Miyako Hotel, San Francisco. Mon Fri. 40 hrs. $700. Contact:

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Consumption is also common in the later stages of diabetes

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produced while the authors were still confined to their bed, showing

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with this title, in which he detailed some observations

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CONTRAINDICATIONS: CEFOBID (cefoperazone sodium) is contraindicated in

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than anything else ; but, upon visiting my patients the next day, I was so surprised to

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