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mined either by a suitable penetrometer, such as the Walter fluo-

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it is worthy of careful attention. Such a condition of pulse sometimes

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paracentesis. The trocar had evidently penetrated into the pleura,

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India as elsewhere, though, as in other diseases, liable to be modified

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in any veterinary literature at my command (excepting the

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the nomenclature peculiar to the description of the various patho-

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Art. 121. — On the Use of Baths in Acute Rheumatism attended with

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ingly difficult, if not absolutely impossible, to account for the augmented

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activity in all the centres of learning. A time during which an

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tion of the hepatic bile folely^ is interrupted, the

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Case of Hemorrhoids, Dyspepsia, etc.— A lady writes from Androscoggin County,

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resembling pus. As the case advances the eyehds are greatly thickened by

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method yielding most satisfactory results is that of Elliott, 67 which con-

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