Mitotane Mode Of Action

Astringents constitute the third clasB of medicinea which

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dissappearance, of the oedema. Two cases of "primitive dila-

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treatment is repeated as often as necessary, and a cure follows in from two

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f lands, and in those of typhoid cases alone. This was con-

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the patients are up out of bed within twenty-four hours,

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evident after rubbing the skin with tincture of mustard,

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in the throat and threatening to stop the passage of the air;

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inoculations," 08; in re Pasteur: another side of the Reveillac case,

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agglutination of the sides of the vein, the result of adhesive inflammation

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must be admitted that the disease is wonderfully allied to this fatal

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■ol^eet matters upon whleh said Committee are reqdlred to Report

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ago that under certain conditions ova may develop from ovarian

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adjuvant mitotane treatment for adrenocortical carcinoma

gratifying results. It is void of repugnant taste, and is readily retained by the

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themselves generously with books, will find room for this new-

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clude, but not very wifely, that it was a falfe con-

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I lost 50 per cent of trees planted in 1892 and 75 per cent


the same measurements are made by the same individual during the

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Water. With the question of feeding goes an equally important one the

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(2) In judging of the value of foods on physiological grounds one has to

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tube, and was apparently a large-celled sarcoma with the typical " syncy-

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Strain II. From pneumonic lungs of a calf. Killed when about 5 weeks old.^

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alcohol without color, changing to yellow on adding water. It is

mitotane mode of action

In March last I was in attendance upon a member of Mr.

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Hospital. A.B. 1944, Columbia University; M.D. 1946,

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the two inner coats break. I have often seen six and

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opportunity of settling the question of blood sugar and especially of

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