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and sufFocated : but by lying on the right side these inconveni-

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at its lower convex end, dose to tne transverse colon, was a ragged opening an inch and a

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from the danger of recurrence of disease by a "good bony union. In

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customed to meeting him here in friendly discussion. It

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The only effective means for their immediate destruction that

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they are seldom if ever remedied by heroic measures, and these,

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cipal questions that are giving rise to so much discussion at the


of what others have said, and which we already know, makes no addi-

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refused both nourishment and medicine, objected to another

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tion is not hereditary. Koch's discovery has aided in con-

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wound ; compound, when complicated with lesion of the sur-

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stituents. A larger bulk of this flabby, degenerated, or relaxed muscle*

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prolonged vocal element, until the cough ended with a prolonged

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in Psychiatry. Allied Health Professions Adjunct Staff,

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the body and the index test already described depends on the fact

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an amiable and interesting lady has been hurried to

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Bryonia. — ^This is a remedy that I use almost exclusively

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the liberal intelligence of the medical profession in

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pected that the product will be available in two months' time.

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II. W. Cardwell, chief surgeon First Division, Eighth

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atety, the blood has palpable materialism, and abounds m downright

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the destruction of blood corpuscles ; Sidney Martin on

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abnormalities. The cow gave birth to a calf in December. Up to Feb. 1,

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Andral, one of the highest medical authorities in Europe, was president of

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nutritive principles, composing the chyle, are separated, by its admix-

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degrees and thirty-three and a third degrees; and in three other in-

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that the disorder is cured, lessening the dose; and this he should

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