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soon evident that the patient would not respond to treat-

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hog-cholera bacillus, though from some of them swine-typhus bacilli

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it to be free from sugar. In the one case the sugar had been removed only a

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Clyster — A liquid injection into the intestines.

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severe cases it is not uncommon for the muscles of the back and abdomen

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abnormal tissue-change, notably of abnormal iissite-grow^

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Quiucy, and Burlington road, was the scene of a sad affair one day last

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ment fixed on the skin and takes away the unpleasant sensation of greasiness.

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anterior resection. Thirty percent of patients undergoing |

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smallpox, was similar to that of other counties. In 1860 vaccination against small-

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cured at the end of ten weeks ; and since then has had periodical

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Professor of Analytic and Applied Chemistry in the Universitjof Maryland, assisted by

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centage of energy. This is why it is now admitted that eggs

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that brings out large audiences. It seemfi most revolting to think

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production of flesh or of milk. Both of these are so inti-

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to prevent a return of the protmsion after the operation for the relief of stran-

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POHDYCE and Gottheil. " Dermatitis vegetans in its relation to Dermatitis herpeti-

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looked that the effects produced by thyroidectomy and parathyroid-

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in the different animals, occurring in the mare at inter-

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accuracy of his observation. Personally, I respectfully tender my

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causing the healing of the lesions and the cure of the disease.

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certain substances as they see fit. Therefore the rule, that the more

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ting the vagus nenes. the peripheral {motor) innercation of all the

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from Newcastle, and about forty miles below Philadelphia.

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scopes, one having an Abbe condenser and a one-fifth

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in the morning to attend to his duties in the fields, often before the dew

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carefully before he could be persuaded to sing. The

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may be given although he was writing of different conditions: "Profound

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disease; aneurysm; spasm of heart, causing it to feel as if com-

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dents from the masses as were fitted to go back again to the same.

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