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they readily become infected. Infection through the respiratory tract,

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or five altogether, averaging one a month, each one

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that Lister will ever be remembered as the first among English

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sidered, he made his first trial with what he supposed would have

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De Rouville,"* who believed appendicitis had its origin from the lumen of the

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of the diseases of the skin, for students and practitioners, 513; Doran,

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something upon so important a topic is a high honor, an honor and

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glands in all stages and varieties ; two cases of retention of the menses ;

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or safe, or can be or better elsewhere as well taken care of. In

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Spores of UrcOo linearis, which sometimes surround the teleutospores of

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a pint of water. The food should consist of linseed

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removal of a portion of the bony wall of the nasal swelling was

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is as strong as before the injury, though the left (unexercised) arm is still

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lids short, therefore never quite shut. Another reason is, they

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the lotion. This application may be employed much more freely, and witb l^

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qualities, tne fnnctions, and, by force of her own will and

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These arguments we consider very satisfactory. We shall not,

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so, that if places constructed for such purposes are not entirely

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in those of injury situated low down and beneath the clavicle, the great

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shortly thereafter closed for trail improvements. It reopened in

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JnnciXS Balticufi. Willd. Berlin Mag. iii, 298 (1809).

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sation stamps the case as one of ordinary myelitis, I

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own a -d, to go before the police magistrates and procure their

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malignant growths that invade the rectum, and I shall confine myself

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