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given at each period, with controlling effect. The uterus began to diminish in

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and growth; wherever the nature of the country is such

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having numerical strength, they overrode the prerogatives of

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moistening them with water. Trim the rissoles neatly with a

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to many thousands of dollars. The question as to the ownership

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vast amount of suffering ? And may we not expect that a

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quantity of bloody fluid. The animal up to a month ago, when

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seen it do harm ; and that it has saved hopeless cases. Quinine

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was not croupy, and did not cough much. Just before

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Imray has described two unusual forms of the eruption. In one the

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some time, and to augment gradually the dose. If vertigo and weakness of

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examination can detect an effusion, or is to be re-

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Pleurisy. A case of hemorrhagic pleurisy, permanent drainage,

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way, allowing some coils of the small intestine to escape. An

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the extreme type named above as induced by the Shiga

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the phenomenon was a simple case of electrolytic dissociation due to

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in -Hence an observation made, several years ago, by

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derived a large amount of what knowledge he had of the subject.

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increased development of a natural structure; but in this instance

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symptoms, should be subjected to operation. The operation, whatever its

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a trace of pus, and to have a specific gravity of 1012. The patient's

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particles of mucus on the cornea. Complications — as, for example, trouble-

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doubtless, as remarked by our author, " they must produce energetic physio-

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Death from j)neumoni{i. wliidi was epidemic at tliat time, numbered

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of artificial pneumothorax, in other words, benign. In no case has

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they enter the peritoneal cavity they must be prepared

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ting injections into the rectum (ammonia, or oil of turpen-

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