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discoverer of urotropin, it is only right and just that

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Poisons. The whole accompanied with a few brief Pharmaceutic and Medical Observations.

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ings, had read papers before medical societies, had been elected to office in the

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especially in cancers about the gall-blad<ler, common

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chill ; (3) nausea ; (4) rise of temperature. Chilly sensations

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class known as gynaecologists, who make this organ their special

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For some two or three weeks the disease was confined to

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was speedily established. The author believes that the curet-

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mission for the purpose of investigating the yellow fever epi-

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several years prior to his present illness he had been subject to attacks of

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And he's mastered the foundations, and now there's room

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of the sick man or woman (see page 156), only one who makes these

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cases Koch's bacillus was associated with other micro-

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theless — and this is the important point — these bacilli may survive a con-

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and causeth many weaknesses ; and by being too cold and

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tapers to a point near the line of division ; it has become plugged

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rest, attending wounded from all units under continuous shell fire. He also went up to the

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the coryza the use of small doses of sodium salicylate

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treatment of a fracture. Wherever the X-ray picture is used to

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namely, the Calotropis gigantea, C. procera, ana C. Hamiltonii. The parts of these plants

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remarkable fact disclosed by careful examination of the small-pox statis-

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It is hard to tell who are the unfit. A high infant mortality results

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The womb in its natural position inclines considerably forward.

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summer, the latter most especially ; dry bed-clothes ; and the most complete ventilation, that is, a

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191 Anion and Osmolal Gaps in a Patient With Alcoholism

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angles usually, but not always, rounded off. These bacilli are

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of only 8 per cent. But the list is an aggregation of isolated cases and

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face of the follower is fastened a small flat piece of iron

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The paper closed with the statement and the opinion that in

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the lungs, the general treatment for the latter is essential for

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Haughney, Elizabeth. Clinical Assistant Professor of

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of the heart : there existed, however, a blowing sound, which was

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