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of only 8 per cent. But the list is an aggregation of isolated cases and

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accompanied with pain or irritation. When the permanent teeth

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more circular sores ; these ulcers having spongy bases, and well-

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nails eery similar to that described by Dr. Morison.

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maximum about four hours after feeding. The increase was due

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"exists in larger proportion and higher 'perfection in arterial

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the clinic, particularly in the latter if suitable material be available,

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— when ties of friendship or bbod are not strong enough

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lance Group: Seroprevalence rates of human immunodeficiency virus infection at senti-

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dental education at Harvard, and spend not less than one year in

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and less so to subcutaneous inoculation ; others (as guinea-pigs and


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duality of the vital organs, exist from the bottom to the summit of

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Whitcomb and the Bobrick scales, while in Europe the

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spar on Audouini on maltose proof medium at fifteen and

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I )e Micas ^'' finds among the immediate and collat-

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We believe the great secret of success in the treatment of typhoid

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not always that such a one is within reach, to enable

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women; and vice versa. We see, therefore, how important it is that

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discharges became thick and mucous, resembling the white of

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the body of a still-born child. The aneurism, which

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spirits ; as evidence, he cites cases of men who use

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parieto-occipital fissures sometimes present considerable varia-

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general condition corresponded rather closely with the

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the tongue protrudes, i* -hould be frequently bathed with

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was not a progressive one, remedies directed towards relieving the

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ing the tubular tissue within, (which he considers is in a state of great

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restricted to cases where pressure has failed, and to those in which, from the

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The chief function of such a hospital is that of evacuation. Jvluch

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epithelial lining, with the presence of a considerable amount of granular pre-

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besides requiring a tediously prolonged induction, does not, as a rule,

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have found scant, if any, evidence of marital infection; whereas

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Purdon's care, in February last, suffering from chronic cystitis. She was the

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