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were then taken from the uterus and a diagnosis of malignancy was

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of pathological conditions selected from the medical wards of the

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As Professor Arthur Keith remarks in his account of "The Great

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able to rub his whiskers and wash his face this morning. The

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diminution in the intellectual rajjacity in general. jNIental reduction

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Eleventh. The analysts shall occupy such time in the perform-

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It is humiliating to think that this country, so far in advance in many

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develop, and the patient is quickly reduced to a pitiable and dangerous

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which are circulating in the blood, and are required for the special work of

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ing, and faulty approximation of the vocal bands. There was also a

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which simulates so perfectly the characters of generalized tuberculosis.

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strength (31 gm. per liter, \ normal), using phenolphthalein

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I published, with numerous illustrations, a case in which a perforat-

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inoculations," 08; in re Pasteur: another side of the Reveillac case,


the excretion of urates, you will see that on the salicylate day

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of the animal are obtained. Special positions are necessary in

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*63(4i)b.a.i7 Kinross and Clackmannan. By P. Graham.

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below. In each instance complete the dressing with absorbent

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To regard processes concerned in building up a tissue as apart

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tite for a considerable time after he feels it has returned.

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of hospitals, recommends the adoption of some such varnish fbr the

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■■ J'..\tracth Iroui the Kccortls ol tlie Jiuryii of Glasgow, p.

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opsonic index rising thereafter from 1*7 to 2*5, and the sinuses healed

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