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patients with compromised left ventricular function or cardiac conduction abnormalities. Wheri in-

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have been reduced to an operable stage, and can then be removed.

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track again passes into the trench. Along its side an extremely

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under the notice, anionijc oUhm-s, of Bamberger.' A fifentUMnan, forty yeai-s of age,

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of a single grain it proves highly anodyne, but distresses the

dorzolamide-timolol (cosopt) 2-0.5 ophthalmic solution

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above stated limit of time may have been much exceeded. As a general principle this is

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Mr. Stokes thinks it is specially applicable are castration and amputation of

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" pachymeningitis carcinomatosa," " leptomeningitis carcino-

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of the difeafe ;) yet, immediately after the ftriking

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Morley,^ and it shows the possibilities of injuries of the back, calling

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(4) Morphological changes in the erythrocytes are slight. (5)

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leam safety easier than grown-ups. This is one of our best opportunities

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in the history of the College, if its birth may be regarded as one,

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ence of the pain to the pelvis, and to inner side of the thigh

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word is lost, a true paralysis of articulation occurs, though

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between them and those which we so often saw during the prevalence of

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a very intense epithelial inflammation, which was followed by the

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from the discomfort of the moment ; but keep hands off — at least do

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iodide of potassium, and it was now proposed to stop this and

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fixed, but not much dilated. An ophthalmoscopic examination, very im-

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ness to fact he is entitled to no remuneration. It is the duty

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saw in it a powerful render asunder of vital tissues, and that

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ol contagious diseases, or of bacteriology, pathology, and

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the contour of cell body and nucleus is even and regular. It

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An Extraordinary Case of Ascites. — On a former occasion we referred to a

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support that has been given it in the past, we will soon

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those, measures of sanitary police are all powerful ; they are dif-

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Prussian contingent. The greatest strength was 63,500. (b) Proportion of

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IV. Combining Ratios of Acids and Bases with Gelatin and the Viscosity

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bility of the disease having existed, the patient fancied she had

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Regular meetings, second or third Wednesday of month

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and will begin to produce large amounts of the (d-globin

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chemist in the strict sense of the term ; yet he made

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what causes cholera.— sw i ne fever.— its prevail-

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'34^5 Hector, W. Selections from the judicial records of

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First: the changes produced by fibrinous exudation in peri,

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producing ^y one disease, affords a valuable stand-point, and an en*

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He served as acting superintendent at St. Peter during the five months interim

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At the risk of being tiresome to my readers, I will refer to some of the

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in results by far, than those of previous years, giving satisfactory

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avoided. "Water, tea, lemonade, and other simple diluents are to

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manipulation of the abdominal walls, conducted systemat-

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(42) digest of the law relating to theatres and music halls.

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ment be obtained by ordinary lenses. He reports one

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it was found that a quantity of pus had collected at the lower

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tion, and the patient furvive till the abfcefs burfis,

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their rules empirically. The Greeks took this knowledge

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slight palpitation she is in good health. Dr. McDonald felt the

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characterised by irritation with slight vascularisation

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tioned -process occurs. In other cases the substance may be carried

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