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the former end ; and the separation of the hypotheticjil " antitoxine " will

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shortening the process. I say so much because I am told

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pains and enlargement had only existed eight or ten months. She

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removing the appendix at the time of the operation. I be-

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Corns may exist in either heel but are usually in the inner

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dered liim to take 30 TP . st,t. ferri. iodide three

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without prophylaxis is 1 in 120.7 and with prophylaxis 1 in 172.4.

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County Meetings, under the following regulations, viz :

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bonic acid-poisoning and no introduction of nitrous

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did simultaneously, the symptoms of paralysis of these two nerves

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static pressure. This may be alternated with massage or

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tinues. As a rule, the demand for oxygen after venesection is

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upon my knowledge of the training in the administration of general

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word. They consist of a series of shocks to the nervous

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Silver has long been in use, especially in the twisted suture; but it

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again and again in the same locality. Wars, droughts, and famines, accom-

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another for chronic cases, with a term of commitment

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Podophyllin is a composite principle, lately reintroduced

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is now ready for occupation. Judge Wales, on behalf of the

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might arise from the presence of ocular symptoms which might be de-

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temperature is, even in the absence of abdominal pain, a highly suggestive

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been made with accuracy only in some seven out of nearly three hundred

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poRt-partum hemorrhage in seven cases with immediate good results, and in

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vertigo and dyspepsia. In the later stages diarrhoea sets in. The

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account of their antecedents, and especially to prove their relationship to

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their inner surface. The third ring was then passed

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recognized during life, we find that sooner or later consumption

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may, with advantage, in this country (at least in the

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there is hectic fever, with profuse sweating and diarrhoea ; there is

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