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tain infectious states the first may rise, the others fall. Contrari-

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know whether or not such a fall is due to repeated bombardment of

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once in a butcher' s apprentice of twenty years of age, who the

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" But," he adds, " we may in vain search the aristocracy now for philo-

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method, in staining nerves in the vessels of the pia mater.

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of perfecting himself in the differentiation of such conditions.

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though those of the corpora quadrigemina and pons may also be attended

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and remove a fibroid. He believed that the Doctor could do the

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might say, that the more a physician is imbued with a love of

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defects in nutrition produced by the disease ; or local, to the relief of

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whether mental or physical, doing that specific thing and nothing else.

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date, having been prepared before the days of antiseptic

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example, of the visual-speech centre produces not only word-blindness

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Mr. Steven — Embolism of the Middle Cerebral Artery. 263

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But although the patient does not remember his name, and has

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less specifically adapted may contain the same microbe or closely related

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the limits of a report ; and we shall be obliged to condense our remarks upon

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infrequently observed in America in Jewish youths ; or, perhaps, of

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of foreign birth, and 80 per cent, were themselves foreign

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accession. Rarely did this involve the opposite side,

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kidneys, or to blocking up of the urine tubes with the products

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the blood-picture as the clinician sees it, and also upon the minute morphology of the

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tion given, it is hoped that this society will give proof of this

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