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centre of gravity already installed upon the limb thrown anterior." (p. 187.)

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thirty drop portions, inhibited digestion, its astringent

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Diphtheria. — In an article upon diphtheria, by J. H. Barbour, in

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tures, as of the stomach, eye, uterus, vagina, urethra and bladder. As an injection in leucorrhoea and gonor-

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as to isolation and disinfection, which must be always

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abscess, and for the purpose of confirming the suspicion, he

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ing the special physiological action of the different

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they disagree, this model might have to be altered. For instance,

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within a millimetre the i^osition of the respiratory centre

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rily a tendency to clasp the uterine contents as a con-

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of quinin hydrobromid thoroughly, nor over any long period. Its

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Combined loss (average) is about 10 to 20 percent := Bl. (Abroad, any theatre of war.)

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had the assurance of the purity of the material employed by him.

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2. Ferber B, et al.: Cancer in New York State, exclusive of New

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to its virtues in the treatment of tuberculosis can be traced

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substances is costly, as they are volatile and have an unplea-

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and they both relax organic muscular fibre, that is to

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By the death of Nocard the supporters of the unity of tuber-

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proposes draining the malarial areas in and about Washington"

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mation of the brain from inflammation of its different membranes, but they in-

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orbit. The resultant orbital increase in pressure produces

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maintaining that physiology and psychology are dis-

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1st. A new Principle of Diagnosis in Dislocations of the Shoulder

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of the hemisphere, was destroyed close to the island

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