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distribution of the intercostal nerves is remembered, the sixth ter-

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cortex had escaped injury. In the others with somewhat larger

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away, and body of fifth somewhat necrosed; an ulcer

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1804. Dr. Samuel Willard, on the Stafford Mineral Waters.

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with the flesh of the head cut into dice ; use all the skin and

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symptoms appear, stop, slacken the collar, cover the eyes,

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to prevent or, at least, to materially lessen the grav-

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the lives of many wounded men, and the future condition of many

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may vary greatly from year to year. Thus in one year the patients may have

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of the retention in the blood of the dross of the capillary in-

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be accompanied by sudden powerlessness of the arm without spasm.

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subject, in the dissecting room of Steevens' Hospital, apparently about

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stature, lithe, active, keen, winning, with a something

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tended observations. — Wiener mcdizin. Wochenschr.,

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addition, while 97 percent of the sickle population will have

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be, unless drink was a sure preventive, chaged with intemperance. This would

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3. Obesity is rare, probably owing to the strong evaporating power of the atmosphere.

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Tup: author commences his preface M'ith an apology for

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ment began, and the boy went out cured on July 10th. Speyer considers

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vention to visit the " Retreat for the Insane." Invitation accepted.

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forms with the surrounding parts. Rollet speaks of a movable

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Richard S. Hymoff, d.m.d., Clinical Assistant in Ecological Dentistry.

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for speaking of the dements of iron, sulphur, phos-


return to normal rhythm and rate, the practical dis-

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Into the question of the imbibition of arsenic after death we need

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unhealthy and impure water. There had been a company

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