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were 50 to 60 cases of generalized vaccination. As Malcolm Morris says,

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process going on in the gums, and still more on the fever accom-

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decided points of pressure are beneath the heel and the head

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G. M. Redmond (Scottish Medical and Surgical Journal,

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theatre is near the dressing tent All are electrically lighted. The

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tive activities, to assist in their promotion, and to foster educa-

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of bacilli. Clumps of bacilli are often observed in the peripheral circulation

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though not overlooked, is too little regarded in daily prac-

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and suppuration, hastened by diarrlujea. From the fact that

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Very rare ; not found by the writer, but three fine specimens

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about his stay at Heidelberg. He said the first year was mostly a round of singing, drinking,

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Dinner meetings are held through the year, at which time physicians are invited to

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remarkable statement that in hysterical paraplegia he

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tions, that it would be a matter of dispute to whom the credit of

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day, w^hen the wound in the groin re -opened, and a fecal

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was possessed of a talent for diifusing knowledge, he was not equally

desvenlafaxine fumarate package insert

both feet and legs were affected in the same manner.

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there is high fever, delirium sets in, the patient becomes

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down descending colon and irregularity in filling of hepatic flexure

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worse and died on the fifth day after admission to the hospital. Judging from

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