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Navy Mutual Aid Association came into being in 1879. It lias paid

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troduced himself into her bed, and by the same act,

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food, resting on the great vein of the body, near the back

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Secretary, David Tindal, M.B., L.F.P.S.G., 24 Abbc^tsford

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four days, seven cases were sent to me from the lying-in

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of any central depot of suppuration ; whereas, septicemia is used to

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of electric phenomena, and the latter points out clearly

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Neudamm, v. 8 (18-19), 1. Oct., pp. 372-373. [W a .]

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at the middle of the neck, close to the abdominal peritonaeum, so as to include in the

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juice, and evaporate it unstrained to an extract. Em-

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would imdoubtedly be as true of pure depressants of disease as

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requirement, at least in the nature of improved personal conduct in

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I am indebted to the staff of the Boston City Hospital

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5 liters had occurred, and it continued until the end. At night water

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their sick friends. Nor are they desirous of shirking the natural

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rectum, and a catheter in the bladder, I could feel no intervening

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is most often at fault is that for paratyphoid A." Clemesha has shown

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