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boiled this down to one pint, and have both thoroughly

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Sex. — The female sex is much more liable to this disease than the male,

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the process goes on spontaneously probably on account of the accumula-

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had typhoid fever. In twenty of these the serum had an agglutinative

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amounts of chlorine in organic combination exist in

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morbus Brightii ; and they thus arrive at the following para-

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anxious, and her pulse small and 88 per minute. There was no thirst,

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trium, one or both of which Dr. Wood has employed in all the

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At this point in the experiment the steers were di-

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106. Wild Duck (Roast)— Ingredients — Duck, bread crumbs, carrot,

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Broca's centre (73). Thus, he says : " In cases of word-deafness —

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regular applications of xh^ ft able digeftive oijit-^

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countries and districts that have vigorously stamped it out

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24 hrs: Spirochetes + + + ; active and long; numerous motile bacilli; fluid slightly

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No fracture of tne pelvis was found. It was not thought

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In considering the treatment of vesical calculus in male children Dr. J.

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of the advance, should there be any such, will be accomplished by

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undoubtedly the greater the skill and experience of

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Dr. W. L. Aycock, Boston, Mass. (by invitation), "The Problem

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of power, and will linger long in the memory. The advice to mothers

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operation. In this way the temperature may be kept constant for hours

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others totally deny its existence in early childhood :

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hairs with Bazin's forceps is often required. A case of eczema marginatum or

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