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McNamara, Daniel, 58 W.Genesee St., Syracuse, Onondaga Co. Original.

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the patient had always enjoyed fairly good health. She had

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under each heading are arranged in order according to the gradations

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miasmatic poison is transmitted from father to son any more than it

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tem ; for I desire to have this platform of sexual morality broad enough for

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homeless. Members also have the opportunity to participate in local, regional and national

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fellowships are designed to provide an opportunity for

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youngest of the sciences, but who will say that it is the least im-

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ally in the most urgent cases, and in good sized doses as 1-50 of a grain.

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of all the muscles of the shoulder and arm on both sides.

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comprehension, and respecting which he is obliged to con-

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the rules of the Benedictines or Carthusians. Those who daily

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thrown as it were before the public in so abrupt a manner, would

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muscle, between the lower ribs and the crest of the

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Abdomen. There is some definite fulness in left upper abdomen. On

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n a light room and fed on worms. It shows the third color stage ('Separation of

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The International Collective Investigation of Disease

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known to man. As a prophylactic he mentions cutting out the

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to say, that a drum has been heard. Sound originates

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wall of the stomach in sheep, but we are not aware of any

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*55(4) Oeikie, J. Prehistoric Europe, a geological sketch.

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suspensory ligament is stitched again, the opening in the abdominal

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working piston, finger-rests — ready for instant use.

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middle record, pulmonic sounds ; lower record, time in 0.02 sec. — 1, 2, first and

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