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visceral, combating hemorrhage, or peritonitis or both.

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7.7 and 7.2 per cent of the body weight. Bloodless methods for deter-

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feet high behind, and eight feet high in front, it will do,

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is persistently present, choreiform movements sometimes oc-

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Prof. W. Ramsey, of University College, London, on the importance of sun-

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and better methods. We have been trying some experi-

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particular strain from its original source, together with the rate and

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dren examined have normal eyesight, 39.7 per cent, " subnormal," as it is

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place of residenoe of his Preceptor, in the Register, ana pi^ all fees for the

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fresh. With clean beds, in clean houses, on clean sod, we

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cessive losses of fluids, which may be confounded with, and be mis-

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condition may occasionally occur in a contracted kidney), pale in color,


| vegetable, and mineral, as long as he could swallow;

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met with in such diseases, in forming a diagnosis. The ulcerated os and

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Give continuous infusion of adrenalin salt solution until there are

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Art. 259. — Nitrite of Amyl in Puerperal Eclampsia,

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cedure would you adopt to arrest hemorrhage in placenta praevia, the

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(a) Isolation. — By isolation we mean the separation of

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After operation she showed an immediate decrease followed by an increase

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molecules, which appear granulated. 3d. Red blood- corpus-

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The question involved goes to the root of the whole problem of health

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seven. In 1897 there were added Dr. C. Graham and Dr. J. G. Gross, both of

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The oral insufflation apparatus. The rubber tubing which is connected with

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Illus. Price $3.00, cloth. New York: Henry Schuman, 1949.

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