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tiple nuclear particles in the bone marrow cells which were not found

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declined to accede to any request that might be made

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take into account the temperature also ; and when the calcula-

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during twenty-four hours a variation of considerable degree may take place normally.

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difpofition j and it is obfervable, that in thefe cafes,

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plan, the Doctor himself admits that recovery of the patients was exces-

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to find a very abnormal state of the mesencephalon, particularly


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Cyclopcedia of the Practice of Medicine. Edited by Dr. H. Von

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fluid was an encysted portion of the peritoneum. The omentum, which

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With PICI, you know what's happening to your premium dollars. You will

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profession, and a means of elegant spectacular recrea-

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three days later he asked the nurse to boil a sixpence (he had previously been

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latrines and urinal troughs at least once daily, and to

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from the tail it is thin and watery, and it is very difficult to make a

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which attend the use of non-defibrinated blood fully justify the

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presence of two or more distinctive biological signals —

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almost positively be disregarded, but if such a growth should be

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measures have been faithfully tried for a sufficient period of time —

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to infarctios uteri, and the induration thus named may

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injured by the effects of explosions, but more especially the former,

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sciatic nerve; after the bone was sawed through, the limb still hung on by this

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Tongue clean and moist. No spots visible. Condy's fluid * has

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the baaia of preexisting gununata. Hence the rect^oitiou and euro

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spontaneously, it not being good practice to attempt by surgical

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and of dilated bronchi on the right side. Urine, no albumen. On

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duct a little better than the brain and the spinal cord.'' This conclu-

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This may be detected by mixing three parts of the suspected balsam

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Marinesco, G. Sur les paraple'gies flasques par compression de

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several first rate race horses that were once plough

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ipsani situm." Strangely enough, he speaks in the text as if about

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[Dr. Moorhead described a case of this kind before the

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I need hardly add, that the claims of medicine — the honor of our pro-

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doubt ; but, setting aside the question of their wholesomeness or effect on

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period oi fluxion and effusion, a second of softening and transforma-

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