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A third form of mental affection through drink is one

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markable cases attest. Thus, Celsus speaks of a priest who could

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who occupied the apartment before him, and also the

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was inclined to sleep a great deal ; but improved suf-

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end of this is fitted a silver tube, curved somewhat like a syphon,

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usual manner, by the letter a, whilst c is the carotid elevation, and

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(c) One full time social worker who shall be a graduate nurse.

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that the ocular appearance shows a purplish color. To the

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which make the work thoroughly in accord with, the present day methods,

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and iis most embarrassing to the unfortunate patients, as, despite all their

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hood and strive to provide beds for the more advanced active

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ments have made it impossible to accept it as the explanation of most cases of

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of coagulating the blood extended itself to the next larger veins, and from

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Frank Chapman, M.D., Instructor in Medicine, 30 North Michigan Boulevard.

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and occlusion of the vessels by the growing epithelial

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culosis, while portions of the other presented indurations similar to those accom-

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yellow, rough and dry. The tongue red on the margins and

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viously been in training, a less quantity would, in nine

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liar in colour, figure. Sec, and differing somewhat in other respect, though that

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and the diseased surface exhibited an oval ulcer fuU

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tem, and bring her into a state of great suffering, which has been long and tedious. To alleviate

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Dr. R. A. McDonnell (New Haven) : There is nobody who doubts

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of different sizes, all more or less flattened and distorted, of a Snider-Enfield

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1868 a. — Fadenwurm im Auge des Pferdes. [Abstract of Lindqvist & Berggren,

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notions, nor tlusc skilled in scientific lore. We intend

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