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meeting of the Berhner Medicinische Gesellschaft, Dr. Emil

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paralysis, immediate. Kesults, — Moderate improvement after 3

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etc., etc., with but little benefit — gave the veratrum with the

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had concentric atrophy of the left ventricle. The autopsy made in one of

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drawn into the depth of the tube for capillary drainage.

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Malmesbury, because it is the earliest mention of the gift

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Case IV. — Miss T. Age 19. Single. Shoe operator.

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Volkmann's method. The sac of the hernia was ligated and

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of congestion. Thus in the peritoneum and lung ifc is not infrequently

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The force of inspectors was placed in the classified service by order

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manding officer, in accordance with the rules laid down in the

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in which the sac was manipulated, justifies the inference that no clot at least

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important of abdominal emergencies. The rnort;ilitv

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This inflammation is sometimes very acute, but the peculiarity of it is, it is

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an Italian is with few exceptions of the same as the nativity, but the race of an American-

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these latter, we may observe that the French lines, from

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maximum in 24 hours being .19 inch on the 31st. On the

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swallowed, and retained at the termination of the pharynx. The operation was

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His attack was very sudden as well as severe. He was bled,

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or to an acquired lesion ? Dr. Cautley did not give an opinion on that.

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gestion to allow the discharge of the exudates of the frontal

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in the long bones. Instead of fatty tissue there may be splenization,

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hua University in China, and Yaakov Benenson of the Swiss Fed-

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To attain sucb objects it is not surprising there should

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is only equaled by the feeling of astonishment and feeling of

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solution. The patient was taught to grasp the tongue and


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