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those of narcotic j)oisoning up to within a short time

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copaiba, in three drop doses, rubbed up with albumen, or

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into the pelvis I The result is, we are dealing with a person who is

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fingerpainting was not just a time filler to while away frustrating rainy days.

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could eat bran mashes. At the expiration of two weeks all signs

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prevailing industrial employment^ this relation is neither constant nor exact" Q). 29.)

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respiration may be, or may not be, perfectly normal,

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with in a few instances. The true explanation of their association may,

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operation, but raUied, so that the temperature rose to 99°,

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tendencies are variously modified, and the means by

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dark brown urine, acid, containing an abundance of sediment ; but on heating this

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cialized for the assimilation of food, others for movement, others to

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the governments will respectfully listen to our demands for reform.

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with the liquid blister. {Vet. Pharm. 141.) Shculd this plan fail,

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of the great colon, but none had worked far enough back jnto

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comfortable. Every possible attention is paid to clean-

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sites from the organism. Then, too, the inflammatory

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in attendance with him in their efforts to extract the bullet.

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made as follows : After the first preparation above

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13th Dr. G. N. Biggins was called in. He found four cases •

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Pavy, F. W. [M. D., F. R. S., Asst.-Phys. & Lecturer, Physiol., Guy's Hospital.]

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tumour, to ascertain whether adhesions have formed between the pe-

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This decrease of the stature is not always a premonitory symptom

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New York, January 6th. — Great quantities of ice is in the bay. At 3 P. M.

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national vitality, and such services as the Red Cross has begun to

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