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the less probable, because a similar substance is nowhere else known.

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cultures of the same organism obtained from different

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spastic paraplegia, the feet crossed and the body sup-

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be said, the historian of the society. The literary legacies

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ventive Medicine 3d. Only about one-fifth have special

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Dr. Munn reported a case of fecal impaction, and gave

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troubles involving nerve ends and widespread disturb-

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between these dates the varicellar eruption which was now present had

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Henoch in regarding as suspicious every case of dropsy after

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THOMPSON. " Transactions of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland." Dublin :

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But it is never advisable to purchase horses out of

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obtained from a vaccinated leper of the nodular form, but none in an

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fibers inmaediately terminate in free 'arborizations among the

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wound of the thumb ; it had been transfixed by a piece of teak

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largest and longest canula might give more relief; it

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whose husband had deserted her, and who had long endured,

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and think even of the space lying between 26th and 49th streets

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patients with the confidence that they will be judi-

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countenance, shows no pallor. Again, there may be such an

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otine, as after exposure to an atmosphere impregnated

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were run on the same day and previous to the drug experiment. This

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McParlin, Thomas, Surgeon (U. S. Armyl — Leave of

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not of any great degree, is probably general, and is not permanent.

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