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In the height of the Short Horn speculation it did not make

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"49. We have received direct and positive assurances

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rated from the dura mater. This membrane was normal, except

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failure. Thiazide diuretics decrease renal excretion of uric

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ascends to the posterior roots of the nerves, affects the anterior roots, and

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hol ; while a sample obtained from Spencer Wells' purveyor

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cases with necrosis and desquamation, and in nine instances with dis-

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cerebral capillaries, the functions of the sensorium are suspended

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with small doses of 15 to 25 grs. of iodide daily, but respond well to

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matter were fibrous cords. In the pia the large arteries and

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was not called in question, a provisional diagnosis of tuberculosis of

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By James C. White, M.D., Professor of Dermatology in Harvard

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action in antenatal life as in postnatal, that they were likewise active

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(d) Severe pain; morphin should be given whenever pain

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immediately after the passage of the urine, and not only after it

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done by members of the family. The nurses, attendants and orderlies should

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him to follow in the same manner ; he must be handled,

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alism may take a little time, during which, providentially, Germany will

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Figure 7 shows the relative frequency of the disease among men

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to do much more than run an exhaust pipe to it, something similar to

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fluids has been at all times a remedy much employed

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ciples of our drugs — to demonstrate their presence in the

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partly with Weigert's stain, and no abnormality could be

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out of the 311 districts into which the whole of Ireland is

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neal head to the anterior border of the external malleolus. Along

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fiflh day afler the children were attacked, there appeared on

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we may infer that that tumour is not due to peritonitis. Moreover, both

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gotegy, then read a paper on **The Value of Discussion in

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two inflammations; namely, that in the mammsB the resulting inflam-

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This division comprises two general systems of climate, which bear

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lar contraction has been dispersed and dissipated in the arterial system,

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The fourth factor in the disease was the absorption

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gait, and behaves in general very like a drunken man.

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