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Into this atmosphere Joseph Lister stepped in 1853. Lister's medical

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the destructive lesions then so prevalent did owe much of their

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of weakly or diseased parents, asthenic persons, or those suf-

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where cancer has been very slowly developed and accompanied with no

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it would be not unreasonable to expect the presence of the streptococcus

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double the amount ; and the rule employed, was that unless the

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cian and sent to the hospital with the diagnosis of a

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with a strong solution of atropin (often the crude drug) and

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of the cases would be well and the intolerable situation of keeping com-

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and Cornalia, had detected in the silkworm the "cor-

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Fig. 6.— Supernumerary vesicles. Stage iii. Confluent. Drawing made on 16th day after vaccination

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payment of medical men for the filling of a certain form as the

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traders. They try to think as well as to buy and send for them. It's money in

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tive therapy for patients who cannot tolerate aspirin, its

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long resist putrefaction, he having discovered it in a dead body

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under continuous irrigation. The advantages of this

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symmetrical neuralgic pains, especially in the distribu-

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November 27 she was taken ill with influenza. Her mother was taken ill

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sugar, yolks of 4, and whites of 2 eggs, 4 oz. of fine flour, essence of

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disease is abarticular, the onset gradual, or the symptoms unusual; and

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mucous injections, in which 45° paraffine is the heat substance to be

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strange that we find disease so common among women, or that

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or microscopic methods. For each of these he recommended a dilution of one

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these cases are neglected by the general practitioner.

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Doctor, how many of your Indigestion and auto-infection

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the mother of children, there can be no doubt; also, that she is

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