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read his paper on "Our Safety Week in the Border Cities and its Success."

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perforated, and the purulent matter escapes into the cavity of

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complete that she was able to talk with her friends and take food ; but the

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alcohol during therapy. Limit dose to 15 mg in elderly or debilitated patients

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drank more beer and at less cost than at present. At

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falling to 1.09 mm. at the height of the reaction and measuring 1.66

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is caused by the application to bleed frequently; this circumstance has made me

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knees bend inwards, while the feet are thrown outwards knock-

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if nature is left to place it as she sees fit, but it is the

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The successful removal of these tumors has always been a matter

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If any fact, or truth, or proposition, is an absolute demonstration,

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inflammation in the bowel when its nutrition is impaired.

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mined by lactometer tests, periodically instituted, as

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irregular. Nicotine, being a motor-excitant, has a direct

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cord characteristic of the psendo-hypertrophic paralysis. It was inferred from

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