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were little used after 181'2. A well-house was built around it, and

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been advanced from 50% to 100%, and men are not obtainable at such salaries. But

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mind, before going to bed ; and following this suggestion I have

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the pelvic floor ; this line is parallel with the symphysis pubis, which

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to the morning of the 16th October. I regret not being able

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He was an Original Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine,

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mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines — with, as a result

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units. The author has found in practice, as have many other workers,

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ulae of connective tissue, between which were vast numbers of large, rounded,

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mitigation of the symptoms $ — the circulation becomes equalized, and the

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that I never quite felt sure I fit into that world.

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account of the difficulty of properly sterilising the axillary

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one of the beef peptouoids. Concentrated and previously

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Thus Gay and Duval 3 reported 3 cases in acute adult dysentery, Hastings 4

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jured or deformed, by any means or upon any pretext

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only brought to light when some young member of the

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articles of liquors than to depend upon any of the commer-

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death. When this lymph forms a Tumor around the valve, it can be dis-

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1883, and noticed a considerable change for the worse since I had

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pure pus. I sent a specimen of it to Dr. J. A. Eve of Augusta, who,

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drier and drier and the water vapor deposited on the tinned walls of

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It is important that physical vigor, also, be at high tide. Never

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from hand to mouth. I reckon Sally Ann is sorry enough now

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containing bouillon plus glucose were inoculated with the same. A culture was

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imj)ortance to this detail, and he was imitated by Boerhaave

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