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believe that infectious diseases, like those just mentioned, directly or in-

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Thus, in recent cases we have the following symptoms : —

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British Columbia Anti-tuberculosis Association; has numerous local

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ilhcium anisatum (or star anise), one of the ingredients of the

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former attack, was much less violent. He was then placed under

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complexion, is for the most part, if not always, proud, de-

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Those in wliich the disease is ushered in \ith symptoms of

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should be meant that deteriorated constitutional condition which

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ment about the benefits derived from this operation. I find

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women who have been pressed into the university service

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the preparation of this paper, and to the Carnegie Trustees for

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ward direction to the depth of an inch, and that the

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watch or Politzer's acumetre must supply its place.

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value of this remedy in some severe forms of the disease. Niemeyer con-

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the ileo-caecal region by inspection, palpation, and per-

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tion. The advantages Dr. Murphy claims for this method

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in this history is the want of persistence of the disease after

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subsided.^ After all it is perhaps not so surprising that this

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lactiferous tubes would be loaded with a thick, yellowish, turbid mix-

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the consultants was sufficient to deter the others from

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coldness. Therefore a woman that is in health has a siowet

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sufficient reason to decline to accept it as belonging to the same

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intestinal catarrh. Such cases as that he found not ap-

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the synonym for "fever," and speak of the patient's

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upon by a tubercular tumor of the neighboring parts. In

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are willing to devote the time necessarily required by

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points of difference between us, but the leading principles and doctrines

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H. L. Law, surgeon, retired, detached from the " Wabash "

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