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Jordan, Mr. W. R., case of extra-uterine pregnancy 221

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indurated, and markedly reddened. In the beginning, they are small

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excrete nitrogen," I answer : " You know that protoplasm

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judiciously chosen, but a few of them might well have

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symptoms of disseminate sclerosis showed themselves. Some reserve is

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'"Dancing is the king and queen of in-door exercise. It is suitable

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The patient should be alone in a room or surrounded by screens,

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step on the sidewalk from the street tripped and fell, striking her left

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to account in the construction of a more simple instrument, which would indi-

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sterilized starch, and may then be readily introduced.

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the relation of behavior to the processes of growth and differ-

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produce accurate determinations comparable with those obtainable


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boundaries of the heart, its division into ventricles and

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books. After his repeated magnetization. Dr. A. thought

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and the stump became swollen and cedematous, and from the

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on the 2nd postoperative day. On the 3rd postoperative

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The road twists about for a bit over very broken ground, and

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lock 1 ounce ; oil of rosemary |- ounce ; oil of sassafras J

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Spring, next in Winter, next in the Summer, and least in the Fall. The

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electric chair, seems to have been carried out in a very

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. System in the University of Pennsylvania ; Physician to the Philadelphia

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hard, fibrous, and nodulated, the relative proportions varying in the

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followiiij^ luunhers of cases of acute infectious disease:

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Hal Smith presents plaques to G. Chad and Julianne Perry,

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increased. The epithelial cells from the stomach, duodenum and

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organs in the healthy body as well as in the sick ; the sounds made by the

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additional advantages of not entailing microscopic examination until such

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