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sible for the observations of the last two years, for the compilation of the data,

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by the horse being galloped until distressed, when in an

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Surgical Out-Patient Department of tlie University Hospital (case-record 40013),

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tected by suitable dressings may remain so. But the areas of slough

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I was a wizp:ard, for it was impossible that I could have

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Bot from a variety io the kind, but merely in the proportion of their ingredients. We

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until the bread is reduced to a pulpy consistence. The poultice

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he may be able to adapt the methods of investigation which he learned

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it is not justifiable to regard these as cases of secondary anemia.

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able to retain her urine for two hours, and only disturbed twice at night. The

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actual standing space should not be less than 22 feet, that is

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Lowell — 1867 — 2 to 4; 7 to 9. M. D. (Jeff.) 1864. Mem. Lowell

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the abdominal parietes. The bladder and uterus are protected infe-

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goes the mortality following tracheotomy for foreign body is very small.

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required. There was no evidence of a carcinogenic potential of verapamil administered to rats for

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of the vessels, and the consequent anaemic condition of the

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usually sterile, {d) Tubercular ulcerations are perhaps best seen in

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You must, however, remember, that the cases in which recovery

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once become completely dependent upon the catheter.

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somewhat visionary and chimerical. We have certainly seen patients

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found in both eyes. At this time the gait became affected ;

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sector of the metropolis was unchanged, suggesting that the markets

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there is a combination of rational cure with mystic

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oedema almost limited to the right side. A similar unilateral oedema

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preventing sleep, or causing soreness or lameness in

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circumference. But if the velocity of the spherical projectile be

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origin of the disease, he says that Hallier, of Jena, in

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