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occur in women after " the change of life." So again, plethora

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tory results obtained by careful and continued con-

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cleins, while the names of our own countrymen, Vaughan, Novy

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A clear distinction must be made between the widely

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All carriers left in U.S. when the division "came over", after

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large amounts, when N/20 was used. The chlorine was estimated by adding

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(Tulare County). Malpractice insurance, good salary,

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Dr. Fox was an able physician, a courteous and affable gentleman, a

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cast his first vote for General ( irant, and later had voted for Hayes, Garfield,

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ticularly when guided by the rules of localization, was briefly

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These observations indicate that the granular or globular material must

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two weeks previously, he had some itching, and this

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Fellows of our district, all Original Fellows, — Drs. W. N. Blakeman,

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mucopurulent expectoration, high temperature, small rapid pulse

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palliative ones. If a cure occasionally takes place it must

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for some time past, and have every reason to be satisfied with it.

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the compresses, first soaked in water are placed; as a fresh one is

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great deal of our sanitary legislation in recent years has

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indefinite number of terms as in the case of its ally, which has been variously

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tres are commonly the seat of notable alterations. Especially,

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latter has some adaptation to the theorem of the " epitome," which is

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jure her child. The little one may have severe attacks of in-

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Description. — The hazel alder, although it sometimes attains the hieght of a

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a big offensive against the acute respiratory infections that

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in the serum of those who have had army vaccine and those who have

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case, but I have no doubt there are several cases, but as they do not

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year has been collected and printed in tabular form.

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