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recently has embarked upon, addressing medical policy i

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published in the Herald in 1893, created some interest; but

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be paid to the stomach and the digestion, although the

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of Gallipoli a great deal of our surgical work was concerned not so much

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when in cedematous tissues. Its borders are sharp, ele-

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Medical Journals^ and three foreign^ \i would not be dif-

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But as respects rhyme, there is yet something more to

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aureus added to a little of the clear serum obtained from the germ-free zone

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room temperature for the experiments, which are conducted as early

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lities which lead to nothing, we cannot but see that, physiologically and patholo-

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practitioner cannot exercise too much caution. If obliged to be

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concerned with the medical work of the Massachusetts

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and efficiently washing out the abdomen in cases of perforated

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were applied, of which the last embraced the base of the breast,

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lowed, the temperature never rising above 98.8° nor

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resort to digitalis either in infusion or in pill form, in doses of

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ting injections into the rectum (ammonia, or oil of turpen-

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thorities whom I have consulted, and to whom I am in-

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ting of the internal oblique and tran»ver»aliH muHcled

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Congress was held in 1942 in Santiago, Chile ; the sec-

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on at the feast of St. Cosmas and St. Damian, cele-

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phase of the operation is more difficult than the lower because of

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ventricular contractions, and to choreic spasm of the

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pensation. I cannot consequently approve of the plans originated by Baron

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fluid die swelling contained, would soon make its exit by an

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she came under the author's notice, speechless and paralyzed on the right side.

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(3) Other drugs containing iodine have a similar influence on the

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spring of 1864 on dut}^ with troops in the field. During

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Preoperatively the patient was given nembutal, grains

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vibration. If the strings of two violins are exactly tuned, then a note

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time to time have done and continue still to do good service. It

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inverse ratio to the extent of our knowledge about it.

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