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Hospital: surgeon. United States Public Health Service. 522

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to quiet the nervous system ; as well as to the administration,

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The average age for the 24 subscribers ranges between 75

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ment of the profession. But even were they in perfect health,

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dorsal vertebne), as if the superior part of the trunk moved there around a spedal hingv*

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but spiritless and dull: for if their hearts be not united in

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study of cataract is concerned, a confusing array of

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certificate from an Examining Board, of a State or Dis-

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employed in their research, remain utterly unknown to

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cerning the dwelling or property in respect of which he is

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oal termination to the front of the alveolar arch. Both jaws are long and

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very short and the head thoroughly washed frequently.

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influence oxyhsemoglobin is converted into methsemoglobin. We

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value. Had the seven healthy steers slaughtered in the fall of

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it vacates the horse and assumes the form of a gad-fly), they are

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look into your faces and feel the clasp of your hand — but the weight of

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them, and often with aggravation of their injuries. This subject has

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body is in a state of rest, secretion is in abeyance. The

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their peculiar raised character. Certainly I have never

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mucous canals which are subject to it — namely, the urethra,

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well and is willing to do all in his power to facilitate

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woman he loves," says Dixon, "is about the same as that of an American

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then rushing into the surf regardless of his shoes and trousers,

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Foreign matter may be present, such as unconsumed grains of gunpowder

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none of them survived ; still, in the first case, which succumbed

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to pressure. These proved to be pus tubes. No gonococci were found in

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stated that on the previous day his right eye had been wounded by

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support of my apparently arrogant statement that experience

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sufficient to withstand the strain to be put upon it, otherwise

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of organisation would be comparatively easy if it were un-

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counts for the inconsistency of lower extremity pulses. In-

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