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an immediate delivery was necessary to save the mother’s

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rabbit serum in dilutions of 1:100 or 1:1,000. There was relatively

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Phenol is usually taken in concentrated form, and may produce

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1. Bouillon from spleen; stab with delicate platinum needle.

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the administration of full therapeutic doses of salicylate. The curve represents

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feet, the animal is generally attacked in the hind feet first,

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basin up-stairs. She then borrowed from her neighbors two

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the influence of Mercury. The recovery was rapid and com-

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Dr. Daniel's Report, Reports of Nurses Fitzsimon, Mulcahy,

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would probably be somewhere between £3000 and £4000. The cost

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Girl — Racial Standards — Soul-Power — Artistic Taste — The Religious Instinct— Love

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jection of 2 cc. of sterile isotonic saHne solution. Dec. 5. Intravenous injection

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till I had made my confession, lest I should die first. That

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tioned in the Indian pharmacopoeia as a possible source of

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the lapse of some days (usually three to eight). (3) The dividing line

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mended as a result of the investigations above referred to, and the

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As soon as the obstruction was introduced, the type of respiration changed.

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children (under age four). This is a bad bug and attempts to

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e-iddence of reputation is a man's whole Uf e ; and by his whole life may be

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special subacute hepatic studies, oral doses of 125 mg/kg and

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that doctors let the matter rest. But it is very gratifying to

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