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noid cellular tissue of the medulla all the effused fluid was necessarily

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of electricity to the spine. This, together with a select diet, added

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grouped, though mostly isolated, slate-gray nodules, are dispersed through them.

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Immediately prior to the start of the surgical procedure, an

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ferent pH should be directly proportional to the amount of protein

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uninoculated. He quotes the figures as follows: Among 19,069 inoculated

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dermic layer, without hypertrophy of the cataoeoas glands or hairs ; 2d, tW

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soaking of these plugs in sterile vaseline. The present method

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appendices with little or no pain; certainly this is not true of a per-

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in his book, ^'Traite pratique et clinique des blessures de VoeU*'

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happened to take place on the same night, and by preventing my

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of no advantage over those who lived and died several centuries

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cent. (Tables lY and Y). In two da3's the child gained 69 grams.

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directed in paragraph 571 M. M. D. The arms and equipment of

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in contact with organic matter must be rather complex. The chapter

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fact stated was misleading. Two cases of the disease

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or as other organisms in the nasal passages become con-

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that there was a very thin fleshy polypus at the neck; the left tube and ovary

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stitial splenitis is seldom found per se, but is usually associated with

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contTAdiction, and obscurity inv.o)ved in each are sufficiently

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From the point of view of the clinician, three reactions

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York Hospital. Clinical Affiliate, New York Hospital.

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one. They are all got up to sell, and weak minded mothers

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total hysterectomies — all but 6 for cancer ; 38 of the

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acetate of potassa, turpentine, warmth, counter-irritants, etc.

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irritation whence the febrile sympathies radiate as

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used among the Romans. Ovid, Fasti, vi, 129-130, tells us that the spina alba

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chin. The hemorrhage fortunately was not difficult to control. The

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favored portions of the world. Her true sanitary condition

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and applying them to our daily life. The sketches are graphic

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the stomach. The issuing fluid smelt like gastric juice, and was

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at intervals of numbness in his left hand and arm. About twelve years

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and women who have been spending their time and their money in the

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