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tum should be evacuated, as before stated, and the patient placed in

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This is of frequent occurrence; Big Sandy, July, 1892 ; Laramie,

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put it in the water in a covered vessel and boil it

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White, Gswego Co., N. Y. ; P. L. Livingston, Barrett,

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tent of the serum by means of injecting mixtures of the serum and a

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Calomel, Heat, "and .Moisture in True Croup, 182. Case of

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The astounding legend of the eleven thousand virgin

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we imagine a vessel to be occluded in such a position as to affect the face,

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1 mm. caudal to the olfactory capsule. Its size was estimated to


WANTED— Assistant in general practice including sur-

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is brought to light by careful history-taking and physical examina-

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min, erythrocytes and casts (transient acute nephritis). The following schedule

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the hemispheres, while their externa] surface remains smooth.

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carried on a litter, and slept there. But when she saw

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to say that the majority of cases of advanced arteriosclerosis and of Bright's

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neurons exercise a dominating influence over the activities of the seg-

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accommodating booksellers, "W. T. Berry k Co., of Nashville, but

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viding lunch — free or at a nominal price — for the children?

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is an account of the breaking out of typhoid fever in a company of Penn-

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antitoxin. As a larger proportion of the cases in private practice can be

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Brown, Charles W., 312 W. Church St., Elmira, Chemung Co. Original.

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also, ether, chloroform and alcohol are eliminated by that source.

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them into the plasma of acid radicles. At least it has been found that

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American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Committee on Sports Medicine

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dicate the presence, within the bronchi, of a large amount of

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