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Microscopical examination of sections of the lung showed extensive des-

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not to wait till its true character has revealed itself; but that he should proceed

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suffering is great, even though there be neither redness, swelling

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of his own symptoms, and discussed them and their possible

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vinegar, etc., should be admitted to the list. Meals

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circulation of the blood. Persons bitten by rattlesnakes have drank oil freely, and recovered.

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grade course. Injuries of the medulla oblongata had the same

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White mice of approximately 20 gm. and guinea pigs of 300 to 600

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not be formed at all, or would at best be small, as it is for instance

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or phosphates, or other solid matters, the simplest mode of

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period now indicated, and that instances occur in which it is con-

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fringes, or fimbriae, perform a most wonderful part in the reproductive

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she returned to her happy home, to be made thrice happy by her resto-

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The immediate postoperative recovery was interfered with because of a

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ichthyosis, verucca, etc., little can be done except

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matter of greatest importance and considerable difficulty.

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Lister, have been, I fear, gradually falling into a con-


the manner in which Nature attempts to limit their number by means of various parasitic

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any dirty tags of wool upon which the flies may deposit

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continue its further progress, and these substances presented to

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no doubt useful in many instances of painful affec-

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same values for the same preparation as at other seasons. His tables

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* In connection with report of Committee on Intelligence and Education, A V. M. A., San

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bility to remove the appendages in some cases of vaginal hysterectomy

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