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bearing is tnerelore always attended with pain, fome-

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every instance ascertained. Still the omissions from this cause, we are satis-

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origin of the Clay and Patchen branch, or family, was a

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Various names have been used to designate this disease, but

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and the camparative effects of these variations, in the nat-

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portion of free Ammonia (or its carbonate,) us demonstrated

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Fellow and Censor, K.Q.C.P. ; Physician to the Meath Hospital ;

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Symptoms of Intoxication cured by Best and Massage. — A girl, aged 14,

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intragastric electrode, which he has devised as a modification of Einhorn's

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admirable arrangement of the larger room, devoted to this purpose,

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facts, and the unsatisfactory results following Emmet's operation

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had been long lost. The patient had no history of cancer in his family ; he

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rate of rotation. And when the ocular rotation is arrested, they will continue theirs

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A two w'eeks’ intensive personal course in the “Diag-

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acquainted with the necessary literature and possessed of the requisite

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ment in refractory septic shock with cortisol replacement therapy (Letter). Intensive

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5. What were the symptoms and eourse of the disease ? (Please de»-

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kind presented itself lie though) he would try cocaine,

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doctors from Europe will hold lectures there. Dr. Moreau R.

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the leg a counter-opening was made there^ although a trai -

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the peculiarity of our mode of earning a livelihood that it is not

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is more visceral than articular, the chlorinated sodaic waters of

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no very effective remedy is known, but as it is far less com-

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ensued, this effect on the heart was less marked. In the

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the fit is violent, or is frequently repeated, and the

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The conflicting views have been carefully considered

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Chloride.) An active principle obtained from the adrenal glands,

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membrane of a new cavity continuous with the peritoneal cavity above;

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tonic doses of quinine should be given, together with such stimu-

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nation, the finger found immediate entrance into the bladder.

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titkeii into the liiiiiHlric.s. The liiuiniry is completely

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Report accepted and the vacancies were filled by Messrs. Barrows

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13. To stay the execution of a movement, when marching, for the

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Africa in the neighbourhood of Zanzibar, spread all over the tropical

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for the theoretical and practical instruction of the officers, noncommis-

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liHh, [jrofeHsional murder — had she \h'.hu either au or-

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patient in bed. The fluid in this case could not have been amniotic, as, from

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manifestation ; but F6r6 asserts that blunting of sensibility is common,

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that the same constitutional poison which produces diphtheria and

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TALWIN"' Nx is intended for oral use only Severe, potentially

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mechanically irritate them and excite suppui-ation. Here belong,

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clinical research, and as the result of post-mortem observation, and do not

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not the object of this paper ; neither is it presumed that

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