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12-1-34. Was well when last seen, 8-18-37. Chest film,

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in evident distress. She was gasping for breath, and

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Anawau, — " This Aiiawaii is mightier than Philip, for in his

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Some variation in these proportions can be made without in-

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there was the Lister Jubilee, to commemorate his fifty

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exceedingly small amount present in ^ lb. of mutton, which does not

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Every parent and every teacher should be strongly im-

lumigan side effects blood pressure

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the language of the country, « river-bottom land." It is skirted on three

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of a one per cent solution of boric acid or common salt, and by the

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panied by fever, emaciation, and sallowness, is highly suggestive of this

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Vol. CXLI, No. C..] liOSTON MEDK'A f. Am) SriiCK'AL .lOUJlNAJ..

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On the advice of my colleague Voelckers, wlio had examined his eyes, M, was

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hundred pounds, and the nearer it is to the middle ground

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end of this is fitted a silver tube, curved somewhat like a syphon,

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the spinous processes, laminre and bodies of the fourth,

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circuit operation done. A few glands were felt about the root of the cajcum,

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Kingston; J. Johnston, B.A., Combermere; W. G. Leadley, C. A.

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has been found by Leroyer to act in small doses as a poiaon on

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1. Liquor trinitrini produces an action in one minute.

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