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slight diarrhoea, which occurs in more than half of the cases at

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and mucus are present in the urine. This sulphide of bismuth cannot be

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of the solution for each unit of peptone added. The first unit of

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Three insertions are made in each tonsil : one in the

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M. D. (Harv.) 1848. Mem. Am. Acad. Dental Sci. Contrib.,

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as far as possible to discourage and expose fraud and deception.

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of the Altai, and the fruit contains much tannin, and is popularly used in

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by an increase of acetone in the blood without acidosis, as evidenced


the lesions on the forehead and scalp suggested lupus erythematosus.

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for the purpose and then resuming his post at the left side. At dismount, the

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Case I. — The patient was a female child, 3 years of age, and was

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Duration. Life has been destroyed by this disease in less than

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lectomies, rib resection, circumcisions, and operations for varicocele,

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satisfactory methods of combating gas-bacillus infections

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An unselected group of men with irritable heart was studied

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As time went on and the plague approached nearer to Edinburgh, the

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excitements ; a constant stream of literature of all kinds, with which

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Treatment of Enteralgia. — We have designated by this name

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Allen, Dr. Harrison, on pharyngitis and rhinoscopy 77

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of the section of departmental administration in the

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Clinic at Le Meridien San Diego. Fri-Sun. 16 hrs. Contact: Scripps


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outbreak of fire he will assume charge until the arrival of the fire

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user, relieving him of an unbearable burden of uncertainty and anxiety.

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tomical relationships of' the cranial portion of the sympathetic

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imperfect when it is either very hot or very cold. There is also very

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as shown in Table 11. The weight of the patient was 47 kg.

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