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rtric pain, depending on functional or organic diseases of the spinal cord,

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pains, especially about the kidneys, followed by strangury and anuria and

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by an antiseptic, showed but few bacteria. The roentgenogram (Fig. 24) showed

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half, red, swollen, and very tender and painful to the touch.

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the greater danger to the attack of an enemy ; but.

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Inflammation may be excited by many causes, but the most

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was no general perspiration. At 11.30 p.m. this condition

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eggs and sprinkle it with bread crumbs (six ounces). Next bake

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Figure 2 — Apical four-chamber view of the initial two-

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because she must, or with, indifference because she knows no better."

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His investigations led him to believe that intermarriage

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City of Toronto contributed no less than 2,872 cases, or 54% of

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hand, that the portal blood contains nitrogenous matters derived

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we may conclude that infection with tubercle bacilli, though it does

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Venereal ulcers, iodoform as a topical appliosktion to. By J. Ashhurst, M.D 98

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strength (31 gm. per liter, \ normal), using phenolphthalein

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tle is known. It may be supposed, however, to originate in a

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Cf. " Among the strictly Indian products, we have the two

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approaching when high altitude will not be considered

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wh('re, notwithstanding this, the pelvis has remained healthy.

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of elastic stockings may give relief but too often this is a cause of troublesome

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the flow should be of the same quality each time, neither too thick nor

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stage, attains sexual maturity two days after its entry into

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these diseases in Belgium, England, and Italy shows

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quent, she began to realize that it was probably some-

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orinaria di uno Stallone <Gior. di med. vet., Torino, v. 6, pp. 165-168. [W m .]

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These paroxysms are as likely to come on when there is

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in the progress of its development, partially bald. This

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ingenious character, have been devised. The simplest plan is to separate

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that therefore, descriptions of it, contained in our standard

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tween the two — called by anatomists the Tentorium Cere-

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' Oil of anise, 1 part ; dissolve in alcohol, 24 parts ; add water of ammonia, 5 parts. —

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does not carry with it any poison ; it is not vegetable matter in

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by observing that consumption in all latitudes dimin-

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