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that a fimple -pleiirify is known by the hard tenfe

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to be treated like any suppurating wound. The zinc and lead

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ing at straws." It is a serious matter to trifle with a man who has

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capsular vessels which has been said to give rise to dangerous bleeding

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presenting the best results in research in Pathology or Bacteriology.

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tended observations. — Wiener mcdizin. Wochenschr.,

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the theoretical part, concerning the motions of the

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in such conditions as tobacco amblyopia, and the occasional case of

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elapse before the dreaded trial takes place ; in the

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The annexed cut, figure 80, will serve to illustrate this proposition.

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syncope. At the necroscopy, on opening the left ventricle, the rounded

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of the conducting apparatus and deficiency in this way.

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fifth fare, on certificate from the chaii-man of the

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ance to disease or accident. If it be true, as Dr. R. P.

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the male, so that she will be the more easily fattened and

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what any man of a particle of common sense would have expected.

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Smaller doses cause no inconvenience, and larger doses may cause a

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More than most people, physicians, nurses, and other

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and gagl much leal than when he i- held in the usual

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This case demonstrates the possibility of relieving the

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chyma extends to both organs, then the symptoms of acute or

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few exceptions, destroyed. Dr. Kinyown thinks that, in

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any of these (fig. 11, tr.th.b.+mes.V.). Rostrally of the V roots,

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so suddenly and attractively thrust upon us, proves now, upon careful

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stenosis was made byiBr. Donnally, and he was referred to me for operation.

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under full antiseptic precautions, and with a chisel the cartilage and a

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25. Von Willebrand, E. A. : Ueber die Kohlensaure- und Wasserausscheidung

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to divide from within the wound any tense ligaments on the inner

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the dose as recommended was reduced to one table-spoonful three

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