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said by the same writer that masturbation in both sexes

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The patients are thus enabled to get about at once and spend the re-

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injection of the biliary extract, it is necessary carefully to select a dietary

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considerable enthusiasm has been manifested bv friends of the

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found him very hot, with a frequent and hard pulse.

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loud as to be heard nearly half a mile distant, and spring with such force

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observed and described in the liver and lungs of sheep, which ought

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terest and value to the Association, and eamestiy requests the

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mandibles (chelicerae), the fingers of which are separate and smooth

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and, as laymen might suppose that by these was meant three dis-

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in the hawk, owl, vulture, certain gulls, etc. Among the mammalia,

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side posteriorly ; has had haemoptysis ; distress greatly aggravated

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subjected to another change by diffusion on its passage through

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kind, as is done in applying the ordinary Spanish windlass." (Senn,

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this enlargement begins to disappear with the thorough irrigation

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quently swollen and tapering without actual nodulation, and the nails break

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discussion had taken. The question appeared to him to present

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are made in the interest of bulk and cheapness, and

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frequent micturition during the night, and he has a pain in his

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