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during the progress of some other lung disease, or it may be of

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cases, his statements would answer for both complaints, while in many others,

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several boards of county commissioners, as often as he deems necessary, such parts

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water, to increase the amount of it in the blood, nor can one, by limiting

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One had anaesthesia of the face only (Sinkler) ; one had anaesthesia of

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city. I was sent for, and the question was put to me

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increased, slept but little. Pulse 120 to 130, weak, skin moist.

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from the dorsum of both, exposing the muscular tissue lying

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otherwise the procedure will have to be repeated. The ob-

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long rubber tube should be attached, ending below in a vessel con-

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pressure is removed, and the more or less ignorant girl has her liberty at a

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mined by lactometer tests, periodically instituted, as

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Many a man is working like a slave, groaning at his debts

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Suing the Wrong Party. — A young woman in Summit county,

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It will be as pleasant a relaxation for the medical man to turn from

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Guyon advises the injection into the bladder of 10 to 15 drops

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agitation in the country for an amending or supplementary Act to revive

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to the back of the neck. The greatest danger is in irritating the brain

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ton Flotman, in Norfolk, England : London, 1609. (Blundeville is,

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to such a condition of weakness that she can scarcely raise herself

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pression, preventing the expansion of the chest, by costume. In both

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position, Tlie colon is commonly found slack, empty, and col-

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heaven. Meeting an angel, she asked him if her name was written in

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in cases of cardiac disease free from great dyspnoea. It seems to

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* O. cloudy I C, clear; F.,fair! O , f(tfi n..hiz7i 8..II

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prehends not only the specific exciting factor, but the equally

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Cause. — In regard to the cause of diabetes, very little is known ;

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