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From whooping-cough New York 11, Pittsburg 3, Baltimore 2,

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part of its programme authors' abstracts of the papers to

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finds appropriate occupation, and all settles down into comparative order and

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part of practitioners to trace the connexion (if there were any)

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gestion, less, however, than when first examined. After

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non-obstructing canula. Miller, J. S., 207: the necessary armamen-

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to the average regional distribution named in the preceding

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The chairman has chosen me to represent you in recalling the

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tion which may be promptly relieved by a very simple operation.

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quently congenital .... and that in these instances it is invariably

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arteries are usually involved in acute infiltration which leads to throm-

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teen cases there was no post-operative chylorrhcea. In all of these,

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system was to lower the height of the ground water in

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tion of the physician after dropsy has been in existence for some

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Koutcher, Jason A. Associate Professor of Physics in

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to throw light on the diagnosis. In enteric fever the temperature is high by

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An extraordinary feature of this epid^nic is, that the mtio of deathry

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advocated the constitutional origin of the disease ; many eminent men

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lesser cost of the former, as well as its convenience (Fig. 43) . The

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more than 120 cases, some of them fatal, of toxic effect

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black lines. They are held in position by thick-walled glass tubes, through which they are

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a mucous surface — as, for example, in operations involving the conjunctiva,

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certain bacteria on selective carbohydrate have, in some instances,

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order, it was on motion adjourned out of respect to

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title of a very carefully written article by Surgeon-

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unable to stand alone ; in this case there were several remissions, each

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