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passages, the retained bile had accumulated in the choledoch duct,

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Tubingen, F. I.e., T.C.S., etc. Sixteenth edition. Philadelphia

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called to order by the President, D. P. Borden, M. D. The

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but 25 by 50. The left wing next the dispensary is the cottage oc-

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bone in the trachea. A third case was that of a child

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by complete drying. As has already been mentioned, the diphtheric bacillus

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death takes place. It is important to remember, that in many oases

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disturbance and loss of force of thought, occasioned by the disease in the

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for after severe suppuration of tendinous sheaths, ending in fungoid prolifera-

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a few days earlier than this. If proper care be taken

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*A pavilion of twelve beds has been set aside for Hamilton and Went-

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to cure this disease, is to carry them through a course

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presentations devoted to this topic suggest an increasing

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glands have lost their characteristic structure and are composed

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stress each extensor compartment to rule out tendinitis.

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andfogenic deficiency. 4. Post-puberal cryptochidism

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over, dill not avail to contradict the solemn asHertion-4

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disease which is particularly severe on feeble persons; and ought not

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diagnosed, and the two chief points I desire to emphasise are, the

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tions of the medulla oblongata in connection with various forms of intra-

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often indicated. In these cases a place by the sea in a

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mange or in cases of parasitic otitis due to the mite called Otodectes.

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sum of six hundred lectures. The distinctive features of

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Should one or several of these conditions exist, the next question to

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pooled and found to be hemolytic in dilutions up to 1 in 256 and agglutinative in

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functional activity of the peritoneum. Any interfer-

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post-mortem examination was made. On external examina-

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Aside from complications the height of the temperature must

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