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Diaphoretics, of these only one deserves to be mentioned in

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stages of his training, and which would again be impossible if his

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mation of the palm of the hand, we are quite likely

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sudden forcible pressure, without removing the hands from

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have been sometimes observed in those engaged in powdering

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ning the injections it was noticed to be darker, and from

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cult, nay impoffible ; but we are at prefent treating of

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fingers, it having been absent in all except the little and ulnar

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ary valves were normal. Liver, nutmeg and fatty. Kidneys of normal

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serious impairment of hearing, speech or vision ; anchylosis, or active disease of

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may feel satisfied that the cerebral lesion is of an atrophic nature

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salt, at different times, over different areas of the naevus, and great

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boy age. Third psrt: The care of children in sickness. General advice.

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ing from the vulva. The urine escapes dribbling down over the

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pride of self-complacency, and not willing to hazard the loss of

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tragic complication in a seemingly properly handled patient. Know that this

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a hotel room with a transom over the door and a single open window.

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the thighs ; the j)ain in the legs was considerable. Some

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<Exper. Station Rec, Wash., v. 15 (9), May, p. 924. [\ '.]


clinical and pathologic evidence points to a primary innervation disturbance

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M. W. Wilson, M. Ii., Hartford, P. A. Jewett, M. D., X. » 11

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"Webster ; the late Prince Albert ; Prof. Agassiz ; Dr. J. E. Gall ; Gen. Garland ;

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interference? Shall we iierform laparotomy os .<^con

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ers, not censured. I have had the bitter experience and I

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attacked bj pain. On visiting her again on the 10th May, she told me

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grades of the change, the marrow was fluid, and all trace of fat

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argument granting this to be true, I fail to see how we could

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3. Roehl, W., Z. Immuntdtsforsch., Orig., 1908-09, i, 636.

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three distinct things voice, articulation, speech. The first pro-

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distention may lead to such a loosening of the connective tis-

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brighter from generation to generation, is the highest service which

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stomach's secretion, a dietary composed of " bites of whatever is going," want of

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" The British and Foreign Medical Review is certainly the ablest periodical now published

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resorted to to diminish the amount of chlorid ; — first, a diet poor in salt

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