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immunization as early as possible and passive immunization

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loop, to prevent undue pressure upon the malleoli, seems to be all that

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anesthetic must be used ; the amount given should be the minimum

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monia. The percentage may rise as high as 5 per cent. ; the

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106, nwnirir ">■'!, diarrhoea] diseases 33, typhoid fever 24, scarlet

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and in which he held the professorship of theory and practice. At this

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injurious effect on vegetation. Powdered hellebore, using one

paricalcitol 1 mcg capsule

Pyogenic Microbes. — Banzet (T/i. de Paris, 200, 1896,) says microbes

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the latter high rates, we may well ask the question why, if in some districts but

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gynecology has been rather neglected of late years and that this line of

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way of adminiftering the cortex^ in fcrofulous cafes ;

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Apart from tubercle, metastatic deposits in the glands are of frequent

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the anaesthetic was inhaled, while the expiration got

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ingestion of botulism toxin found in improperly preserved food and

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I have generally used the fluid extract, for several

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meteorism, etc., in the current text books on diseases of the


mysteries, the mystery of the Infinite, which the finite human

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his own quiet and genial way, did a great deal of useful work amongst

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versity of Paris shortly after the middle of the thir-

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In causing the malaise and feebleness associated \vith

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main question here is, what is the effect of the potential strain in

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limbs : in one the dressing exerted some compressing

paricalcitol capsules

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